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The Body Mechanic

10 MIN Kettlebell Workout for Runners


Improve Your Strength, Efficiency And Speed In Just 4 Weeks 


  • The Best Run-Specific Strength Exercises To Make Your Hips and Glutes Stronger.
  • Easy To Follow 10 min Video With Instructions.
  • Designed By Sports Physio and UTA 50km Winner Mark Green.
Why Strength is Important for Runners ?

Fast runners do have something in common which a lot of slower runners are lacking. FAST RUNNERS PRODUCE A LOT OF FORCE

Just think: if you want a bouncy ball to bounce higher, you throw it down to the ground with more force. 

Your legs are just like a bouncy ball. More forceful muscle contractions give you a longer stride and a faster running pace. BUT - to support these strong contractions you also need a high level of stability. 

This Kettlebell Workout for Runners, has been designed to improve both your running stability, and your running strength.  

Both Essential to Improve Your Running Performance 

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